• Global vision and specialisation
  • We are at the forefront to consolidate our technological leadership.
  • We unlock the value of the comprehensive management of the CaixaBank Group’s technology services, based on a model of efficiency and close collaboration.
  • Innovation associated with technology advances allows us to develop projects to implement flexible and easily industrialised systems.
  • We seek excellence in the quality of our service with an international approach.
  • The global management of the Group’s IT services allows us to create synergies and economies of scale.

Our Activity

Our customers

  • Our customers come from a wide range of industries:
    • Banking sector
    • Financial sector
    • Real estate and Facilities
    • Foundations
    • Insurance companies
  • We offer our global services both in Spain and internationally.

Our activity

We offer full or partial management of IT services in Spain and internationally:

  • Infrastructure management
  • Telecommunications
  • Architecture management
  • Definition of IT strategies
  • Technology projects
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Electronic channel management
  • Development and management of applications
  • Information security
  • Mobility
  • Jobs

Our subsidiary Silc Immobles offers a next-generation Data Processing Centre (DPC), with innovative and cutting edge IT, energy and communications infrastructure. We are currently building a Second Data Processing centre.

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